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Koffi Olomide - Respect

Uploaded by: Daela2007
Video Description:
Monde Arabe
Koffi Olomide & Quartier Latin
Hot congolese dancers! Song in lingala.
lemme know what u think of it!

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Comments for this video on YouTube
4.44 it make me to ... ( 2 years ago by switsimran jaque)
4.44 it make me to shake my body loohhh,penda sana hii.............
Koffi is coming to ... ( 6 years ago by bobodeee)
Koffi is coming to london this december at hackney , a place called ocean,
would be nice to go see
yeah every1 must ... ( 6 years ago by christopherjovita147)
yeah every1 must respect Koffi,it's great song from congo i like this, am
christopher from southern sudan
Enfin!!!!! Respect ... ( 4 years ago by charlotte doumenc)
Enfin!!!!! Respect est sur you tube! merci!!!! Il était temps!!
I luv dis song, can ... ( 4 years ago by POP911100)
I luv dis song, can someone help me to translate it pls.
dude do me a favor, ... ( 7 years ago by zolizolizolimayala)
dude do me a favor,, can u summerize (in english pliz) what koffi's r.a.s.
song talks about. The theme, in just 5 lines or so.....am doing a research
on congolese influence on our (botswana) music....
mopao respect t'es ... ( 4 years ago by ndona123)
mopao respect t'es le meilleur
Nice video. A true ... ( 6 years ago by Laptag)
Nice video. A true African ambassador. I play these songs everyday but
really wish I could understand Lingala
nikasuli :-) ( 3 years ago by Eric Flavor)
nikasuli :-)
Nice song koffi.- ... ( 4 years ago by ernestmasaka)
Nice song koffi.- BORD EZANGA KOMBO
I think u all have ... ( 4 years ago by maloone75)
I think u all have right in what u said, but we cant see God in all things,
even the Holly Bible said that Cesar have his own things and God has his
own things, we cant associate them. I believe in God and the only One by
Jeasus Christ and and dont see any offense in this clip. Respect
respect , what the ... ( 3 years ago by Bora Malisawa)
respect , what the meaning of this song,
i love the song ... ( 5 years ago by jaffkikerz)
i love the song rock my soul
walerm ( 5 years ago by teth101)
Muy bueno, qué ... ( 6 years ago by venancio1975)
Muy bueno, qué tiempos en Guinea
Gay na ko tika ... ( 1 year ago by Sophie Diamams)
Gay na ko tika Koffi te
Faut commenter pas ... ( 1 year ago by Sophie Diamams)
Faut commenter pas critiquer 44blandine !
yo nde mopao ba ... ( 6 years ago by etoilefilante93)
yo nde mopao ba jalou conttre ba mur
:) ( 1 year ago by Jeremy Kama)
I love this song ... ( 2 years ago by Amaka Nwagbologu)
I love this song and Koffi's music. It reminds me of Nigerian music!
congo music is the ... ( 4 years ago by MrXere)
congo music is the roots
super ( 1 year ago by PAUL-EVRARD NLOMNGAN NGUIMOUT)
RESPECT!!! Mopao ... ( 5 years ago by Minaandmumma)
RESPECT!!! Mopao mokonzi! Toujours imité jamais égalé! A CONSOMMER AVEC

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